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Perinatal Programming

The State of the Art

Edited by: Andreas Plagemann
Perinatal Programming addresses the environment-dependent setting of fundamental life functions and dispositions for diseases in developmental periods during pregnancy and in early infancy. It provides a new view of the origins of health and diseases. To realize these associations may enable us to prevent diseases for the long term.This book reviews actual state-of-the-art knowledge in the perinatal programming field. The authors are internationally known scientists of this research area.
State-of-the art of perinatal programming New perspectives of the origin of diseases as well as of prevention strategies Numerous figures and tables

Author Information

Andreas Plagemann, Charité Berlin, Germany.


Perinatal programming is one of the most powerful ideas in biology and medicine in the 21st century. Compelling evidence indicates that prevention of childhood and adult diseases must begin during fetal life. Epigenomics has the potential to provide a mechanistic understanding of many phenomena underpinning the developmental origins of health and disease. The book is timely, insightful and of great relevance to obstetrics, perinatal medicine and modern biology. Roberto RomeroChief - Perinatology Research BranchProgram Director for Perinatal Research & ObstetricsNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development/National Institutes of Health, USA "Wer in das spannende Gebiet der Perinatalen Programmierung eintauchen möchte, hat mit diesem Buch das richtige Medium gefunden. Das in Englisch geschriebene Werk bietet gebündeltes Fachwissen ― für den Einsteig, zur Fortbildung und zum Nachschlagen."Dorothee Hahne in: Ernährung im Fokus 13-07-08
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