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Lebenswissenschaft Praktische Theologie?!
Practical Theology – a Life Science?!

Edited by: Thomas Klie, Martina Kumlehn, Ralph Kunz, and Thomas Schlag

Religion as a cultural interpretative system is not conceivable without reference to the phenomenon of “life”, which is articulated and displayed in the most diverse life styles. Life as it is being lived is always presupposed, and this fact has a profound impact on religious interpretations. However, the controversial dynamics of developments in the fields of science called the “life sciences” are now leading to significant changes in cultural perception and interpretation, which also demand new interpretation efforts in the theological perspective. This book seeks to meet this challenge.


"In der Reihe „Praktische Theologie im Wissenschaftsdiskurs“ ist das von Thomas Klie, Martina Kumlehn, Ralph Kunz und Thomas Schlad [...] äußerst lesenswerte [...] Buch Lebenswissenschaft Praktische Theologie?! erschienen. Die spannenden Beiträge loten [...] die Herausforderungen aus, die sich durch die brisante Dynamik der als ‚life-sciences‘ apostrophierten Wissenschaften ergeben."
Martin Schreiner in: Theo–Web. Zeitschrift für Religionspädagogik 10 (2011), Heft 2

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