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Theorie der Biographie
Theory of Biography

Grundlagentexte und Kommentar

Edited by: Bernhard Fetz and Wilhelm Hemecker
In collaboration with: Georg Huemer and Katharina J. Schneider

This textbook is an anthology of the most important basic texts on the theory of biography. The authoritative programmatic texts are presented chronologically from the 18th to the 20th century, including contributions by Herder, Carlyle, Dilthey, Freud, Kracauer, Woolf, Foucault and Bourdieu. Each text is accompanied by a commentary which focuses on its importance and places the respective text more exactly in the history and theory of biography. This reader is thus an ideal textbook for seminars in bachelor's and master's programs. Scholars of literature and historians can also gain a well-founded overview of the subject.

  • anthology of the most important texts on the theory of biography
  • commentaries focusing on the importance and theoretical context of the individual contributions
  • well-founded overview of the most relevant discourses and discussions from the 18th to the 20th century
  • international focus


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Audience: Students and Lecturers of Literary Studies and History, Institutes, Libraries