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Science Communication

Edited by: Annette Leßmöllmann, Marcelo Dascal, and Thomas Gloning

The volume gives a multi-perspective overview of scholarly and science communication, exploring its diverse functions, modalities, interactional structures, and dynamics in a rapidly changing world. In addition, it provides a guide to current research approaches and traditions on communication in many disciplines, including the humanities, technology, social and natural sciences, and on forms of communication with a wide range of audiences.

Author Information

Annette Leßmöllmann, Karlsruhe Inst. of Technology; Marcelo Dascal, University of Tel Aviv; Thomas Gloning, University Gießen.


"Insgesamt ist dieses neue Handbuch „Science Communication“ ein Ausrufezeichen: Europäische Wissenschaftskommunikationsforschung existiert: Fundiert, mit breitemAnsatz, mit vielen hochklassigen Forschungsergebnissen!" Reiner Korbmann in: https://wissenschaftkommuniziert.wordpress.com/2020/04/21/ein-neues-standardwerk-der-wissenschaftskommunikation-forschung-pur-in-science-communication/ (21.04.2020)

"Altogether this is the most comprehensive and multidisciplinary single volume on science communication currently available and as such it is definitely worth being on the shelf of anyone interested in understanding and teaching the topic in its widest possible scope. […] Each chapter thoroughly references further work, which makes the reference lists a very useful resource in themselves, enabling pursuit of the specific topics to the next level(s)." Erik Stengler in JCOM (Journal of Science Communication) 19(03), https://doi.org/10.22323/2.19030702. (29.06.2020)

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Audience: Institutes, libraries, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as scholars and everyone interested in the whole area of communication studies as well as people interested in nonverbal communication and behaviour such as lingustists, psychologists, communication scientists and journalists.