Test Cover Image of:  Religion and Politics in the Middle Ages

Religion and Politics in the Middle Ages

Germany and England by Comparison

Edited by: Ludger Körntgen and Dominik Waßenhoven
The increased interest in religion as a phenomenon and its various cultural contexts is encouraging a focus on the relationship between religion and politics. However, the political relevance of the religious and the interdependence between political and religious spheres has always been a major area of medieval research. The articles in this volume consider not only the principle inseparability of both spheres as previously established by research, but also the beginnings of a differentiation and relative autonomy of religion and politics within the framework of a comparison between Germany and the United Kingdom. This allows the identification of restrictions within the research traditions that are due to national histories and points to ways of overcoming these restrictions.

Author Information

Ludger Körntgen and Dominik Waßenhoven, University ofBayreuth, Germany.


"Die Aufsätze dieses Sammelbands demonstrieren in eindrucksvoller Weise, dass die beiden Sphären Religion und Politik im Mittelalter zum Teil untrennbar miteinander verwoben, zum Teil getrennt waren."Andreas Bihrer in: H-Soz-u-Kult, 17.07.2013

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