Test Cover Image of:  Der östliche Manichäismus – Gattungs- und Werksgeschichte

Der östliche Manichäismus – Gattungs- und Werksgeschichte
Eastern Manichaeism – A History of Genres and Works

Vorträge des Göttinger Symposiums vom 4./5. März 2010

Edited by: Zekine Özertural and Jens Wilkens

Manichaeism is a world religion that was widespread between Europe and China in various periods between the 3rd and 12th/13th centuries. Some 100 years ago the original literature of the Manicheans was rediscovered in Central Asia. These sources led scholars to realize that here, under the influence of other religions (above all Buddhism), special syncretic forms of the religion had arisen which could only be studied on an interdisciplinary basis. This volume contains the papers of an international workshop held by Turcologists and Iranianists (Göttingen Academy of Sciences, March 4-5, 2010) on the history of the genres and works of the literature of Central Asian Manichaeism.

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