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Turbulence in Magnetohydrodynamics

Magnetohydrodynamics describes dynamics in electrically conductive fluids. These occur in our environment as well as in our atmosphere and magnetosphere, and play a role in the sun's interaction with our planet. In most cases these phenomena involve turbulences, and thus are very challenging to understand and calculate. A sound knowledge is needed to tackle these problems. This work gives the basic information on turbulence in nature, comtaining the needed equations, notions and numerical simulations. The current state of our knowledge and future implications of MHD turbulence are outlined systematically. It is indispensable for all scientists engaged in research of our atmosphere and in space science.

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Andrey Beresnyak and Alexander Lazarian, Department of Astronomy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.
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Audience: Theoretical Physicists; Mathematical Physicists; Libraries and Research Institutions involved with Geo- and Space Sciences.