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International and Comparative Librarianship

Concepts and Methods for Global Studies

Based on his extensive experience in international librarianship, Peter Johan Lor, South Africa's first National Librarian and a former Secretary General of the IFLA, has written the first comprehensive and systematic overview of international and comparative librarianship. His book provides a conceptual framework and methodological guidelines for the field and covers the full range of international relations among libraries and information services, with particular attention to the international political economy of information, the international diffusion of innovations and policy in library and information services, LIS development and international aid. It concludes with a discussion of the practical relevance and future of international and comparative studies in LIS. See a short interview with Peter Lor on his work https://www.ifla.org/node/92590

Author Information

Peter Johan Lor, Department of Information Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa.


"International and Comparative Librarianship is essentially a reference work which will be of value to academics, students, researchers and practitioners in the field of international librarianship and librarianship in general. It is meticulously written and arranged and is greatly helped by the concise listing in the contents pages which lead the reader easily to the topic being searched for." Kathleen Ladizesky in: Alexandria, 2019, Vol. 29(3), 235–237

"The bibliography alone, extending to around 130 pages, will be invaluable for anyone wishing to explore these ideas further." Lesley Pitman in: Focus on International Library and Information Work, 2019, Vol. 50, No. 2, 25-26

"I am glad to recommend the whole volume to the young generation of library reserchers and students with the hope that they will develop this very interesting area of library and information scienec further. The step taken by P.J. Lor in writing this book is cruicial for summing up and raising previous achievements in this area to a higher conceptual level. " Elena Maceviciute in: Information Research, 3/25 (2020), http://informationr.net/ir/reviews/revs696.html

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Audience: Teachers, students and researchers of comparative and international studies in LIS and related fields, students, librarians, professional practitioners