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Communication and Technology

Edited by: Lorenzo Cantoni and James A. Danowski
The primary goal of the Communication and Technology volume (5th within the series "Handbooks of Communication Science") is to provide the reader with a comprehensive compilation of key scholarly literature, identifying theoretical issues, emerging concepts, current research, specialized methods, and directions for future investigations. The internet and web have become the backbone of many new communication technologies, often transforming older communication media, through digitization, to make them compatible with the net. Accordingly, this volume focuses on internet/web technologies. The essays cover various infrastructure technologies, ranging from different kinds of hard-wired elements to a range of wireless technologies such as WiFi, mobile telephony, and satellite technologies. Audio/visual communication is discussed with reference to large-format motion pictures, medium-sized television and video formats, and the small-screen mobile smartphone. There is also coverage of audio-only media, such as radio, music, and voice telephony; text media, in such venues as online newspapers, blogs, discussion forums and mobile texting; and multi-media technologies, such as games and virtual reality.
Three main sections: “Mediavolution”: communication media between evolution and revolution, Communication technologies and their environment, Communication technologies and new practices Scholars from all over the world write more than 40 chapters

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Lorenzo Cantoni, University of Lugano, Switzerland; James A. Danowski, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, USA.
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Audience: Institutes, libraries, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as scholars and everyone interested in the whole area of communication studies as well as people interested in communication and technology and its processes, such as linguists, communication scientists, journalists, teacher etc.