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Mediatization of Communication

Edited by: Knut Lundby
This handbook on Mediatization of Communication uncovers the interrelation between media changes and changes in culture and society. This is essential to understand contemporary trends and transformations. “Mediatization” characterizes changes in practices, cultures and institutions in media-saturated societies, thus denoting transformations of these societies themselves. This volume offers 31 contributions by leading media and communication scholars from the humanities and social sciences, with different approaches to mediatization of communication. The chapters span from how mediatization meets climate change and contribute to globalization to questions on life and death in mediatized settings.The book deals with mass media as well as communication with networked, digital media. The topic of this volume makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of contemporary processes of social, cultural and political changes.The handbook provides the reader with the most currentstate of mediatization research.
This handbook displays the range of approaches and applications of mediatization theory in media and communication studies within the social sciences and humanities. State of the art in contemporary mediatization research.

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Knut Lundby,University of Oslo, Norway.

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Audience: Institutes, libraries, undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as scholars and everyone interested in the whole area of communication studies as well as people interested in media and communication sciences, such as communication scientists, media scientists, journalists, teachers and linguists etc.