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Die Gründung der drei Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitäten
The Founding of the Three Friedrich-Wilhelm Universities. University Education Reform in Prussia

Universitäre Bildungsreform in Preußen

Edited by: Thomas Becker and Uwe Schaper
Three Prussian reform universities were originally founded as Friedrich-Wilhelm Universities: Berlin, Breslau and Bonn. These represented a new, forward looking type of university created by Wilhelm von Humboldt. The authors of the articles in this volume investigate both the shared features of the "Berlin model" and the differences between the three universities in terms of concept and development. The convention which gave rise to this volume was held to mark the 200th anniversary of the Humboldt University in 2010. The edition of the Matriculation Registers of the University of Berlin, presented on this occasion, is also available as Volume 86 of the Individual Publications of the Historical Commission.

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