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Historische Lexikographie
Historical Lexicography

Ideen, Verwirklichungen, Reflexionen an Beispielen des Deutschen, Niederländischen und Englischen

This book presents the historical lexicography of German, Dutch, and English with a focus on factors related to ideological history, professional lexicography, and cultural education. In the main part of the book, the author undertakes a professional treatment of the common types of lexicographic information, and alsogives a discussion ofsome rarely provided lexicographic information.


"This study is very worthwhile for students of historical lexicography, and for lexicographers who intend to compile historical dictionaries. Reichmann deals conclusively and comprehensively with all aspects, and the reader can learn much from this formidable master of historical lexicography. It is a book that can be recommended without reserve."Maria Smit in: Lexikos 26/2016, 446-455

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Audience: Academics (Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Lexicography, History), Libraries, Institutes