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Volume 1 Fundamentals

Edited by: Ferenc Darvas, Volker Hessel and György Dorman
With contributions of: René Becker, Marielle M.E. Delville, Melinda Fekete, Ferenc Fülöp, Toma Glasnov, Trevor A. Hamlin, Robert K. Harmel, C. Oliver Kappe, Kaspar Koch, Nicholas E. Leadbeater, Holger Löwe, Arturo Macchi, István M. Mándity, Pieter Nieuwland, Sándor B. Ötvös, Patrick Plouffe, Dominique Roberge, Floris Rutjes and Jun-ichi Yoshida
Foreword by: Klavs F. Jensen

"Flow Chemistry fills the gap in graduate education by covering chemistry and reaction principles along with current practice, including examples of relevant commercial reaction, separation, automation, and analytical equipment. The Editors of Flow Chemistry are commended for having taken the initiative to bring together experts from the field to provide a comprehensive treatment of fundamental and practical considerations underlying flow chemistry. It promises to become a useful study text and as well as reference for the graduate students and practitioners of flow chemistry." Professor Klavs Jensen Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Broader theoretical insight in driving a chemical reaction automatically opens the window towards new technologies particularly to flow chemistry. This emerging concept promotes the transformation of present day's organic processes into a more rapid continuous set of synthesis operations, more compatible with the envisioned sustainable world. These two volumes Fundamentals and Applications provide both the theoretical foundation as well as the practical aspects.

  • Starts from the principles of this new technology and develops promising applications in a clear and instructive manner
  • Includes numerous illustrations, figures and tables
  • Also available: Volume 2 APPLICATIONS, ISBN: 978-3-11-036707-2

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"Students will have a lot of use for this book, since it will allow them to recognize opportunities for flow chemistry later in their careers. First, students are introduced to the concept of flow chemistry step by step, followed by practical guidance on realizing a flow process. Part two provides further inspiration by showing the application of flow for specific processes. Each chapter also includes questions to help with the understanding of the topic. Beyond this, the book is also very interesting for chemists starting in the field, as it provides the basics for understanding flow processes and how these differ from well known batch chemistry. Overall, Flow Chemistry is an instructive book, essential for anyone looking for a clear introduction to the field of flow chemistry."
Stefan Stouten, Eindhoven University of Technology

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Audience: Organic Chemists, Analytical Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Materials Scientists, Students