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Echoes of Exile

Moscow Archives and the Arts in Paris 1933-1945

Edited by: Ines Rotermund-Reynard

Paris - Moskau:German-speaking artistsand their archives in exile

Thousands of people were driven into exile by Germany's National Socialist regime from 1933 onward. For many German-speaking artists and writers Paris became a temporary capital. The archives of these exiles became "displaced objects" - scattered, stolen, confiscated, and often destroyed, but also frequently preserved. This book assesses previously unknown source material stored at the Moscow State Military Archive (RVGA) since the end of the war, and offers new insights into the activities of German-speaking exiles in the 1930s in Paris and Europe. Against the backdrop of current debates surrounding displaced cultural goods and their restitution, this work seeks to facilitate a transnational, interdisciplinary scientific dialogue.

  • Examines previously unknown sources related to artists, art historians, art dealers and art critics living in exile.
  • Offers new insights into the activities of German-speakingexiles in the 1930s in Paris.


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Audience: Art historians, provenance researchers, scholars of German studies, historians, archivists, museologists, scholars of Jewish studies