Test Cover Image of:  Die doppelten Perfektbildungen im Deutschen

Die doppelten Perfektbildungen im Deutschen
Double Forms of the Perfect Tense

Eine diachrone Untersuchung

This book is devoted to double forms of the perfect tense in the German language. The study is based on an extensive corpus of double formations of the perfect tense as they have been used over the past eight centuries. This compilation takes into account both written language (the dimension of distance) and spoken language (the dimension of proximity). On the basis of the collected empirical data, the study addresses specific questions about the structure, diachronic use, and diachronic meaning of double-perfect tense formations.


"Overall, the book fills an important research gap as DPFs have not beenempirically investigated diachronically until now. As the main methodologicaldifficulty has been the rarity of examples of DPFs, the supply of empiricaldata is not to be underestimated for its value to further studies. In sum, thevolume thus cannot solve the general puzzles linked with DPFs, but it offers awide range of material for addressing them in subsequent investigations."Sonja Zeman in: Linguist List 24.620

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