Test Cover Image of:  Handbuch Sprache im multimodalen Kontext

Handbuch Sprache im multimodalen Kontext
Handbook of Language in Multimodal Contexts

Edited by: Nina-Maria Klug and Hartmut Stöckl
The handbook covers language usage in multi-semiotic textual environments. Integrating linguistic features with images, sounds, and typography creates patterns of substantive, formal, and functional linkage. The volume outlines the paradigms in multimodal linguistic research, systematic methods for analyzing semiotically complex texts, and offers insight about the functionality of selected types of multimodal texts.
Überblickzu zentralen Methoden der Multimodalitätsforschung Analysen multimodaler Texte und typischer multimodale Muster ausgewählter Kommunikationsbereiche Wichtige Theoriefelder und Forschungspositionen zu multimodaler Kommunikation
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Audience: Linguists, Libraries, Institutes