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Handbuch Sprache in Organisationen
Handbook of Language in Organizations

Edited by: Stephan Habscheid, Andreas P. Müller, Britta Thörle and Antje Wilton
In collaboration with: Jonas Heimann

This handbook systematically addresses the topic of organizational communication, which occupies a middle level between the “micro-level” of language interaction and the “macro-level” of collective linguistic-communicative practices and structures. The handbook aims to provide broad survey of organizational communication in German, English, French, and Spanish while giving due attention to the cultures of each language.

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Stephan Habscheid, Britta Thörle and Antje Wilton, Univ. of Siegen, Germany; Andreas P. Müller, DLR Project Management Agency, Germany.

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Audience: Linguists, Libraries, Institutes