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Erfolgreich recherchieren - Mathematik
Successful Research Strategies: Mathematics

The volume Erfolgreich recherchieren – Mathematik [Successful Research Strategies: Mathematics] provides a comprehensive overview of information resources in all sectors of mathematics. The work not only presents key research tools such as library catalogues, specialized bibliographies, Internet search engines, article databases, and reference works, but also includes strategies for conducting a successful literature search. A separate section of the book addresses the proper handling of located information, including literature procurement, the use of literature management applications, and proper citation. Whether you are preparing your first presentation or writing your final paper, this volume is a helpful guide to conducting successful research.

  • Success as a student today necessitates the effective use of information resources.
  • The “Successful Research Strategies” series provides quick and reliable overviews for students at every level of study.
  • All the volumes are written by well-known information experts at university and specialized libraries.
  • Periodically updated editions are planned.

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Audience: Institutes, Libraries, Academics, Students (Mathematics)