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Manuel des langues romanes
Manual of the Romance Languages

Edited by: Andre Klump, Johannes Kramer and Aline Willems

New Handbook Series

This volume gives a detailed overview of the fundamentals of Romance linguistics. It deals with the history of Romance linguistics, lexicography and grammaticography, historical sources and text corpora, the history of the Romance languages and the Romana submersa as well as with Romance idioms of the Middle Ages and the state of the Romance languages today in a comparative perspective, and also takes into account Romance-based creoles.

Ce volume traite des principes fondamentaux des études de linguistique romane de tradition historique. L’histoire de la linguistique romane, la lexicographie et la grammaticographie, les sources historiques et les corpus de textes, la protohistoire des langues romanes, la Romania submersa, les idiomes romans au Moyen Âge et les langues romanes sont abordés dans une perspective comparative, y compris les langues créoles à base romane.

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Johannes Kramer and Andre Klump, Trier University, Germany; Aline Willems, Cologne University, Germany.

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