Test Cover Image of:  Gottesbegegnung und Menschwerdung

Gottesbegegnung und Menschwerdung

Zur religionsgeschichtlichen und theologischen Bedeutung der "Mithrasliturgie" (PGM IV.475-820)

The text known as the "Mithras Liturgy" is one of the most important texts for the study of non-Christian religiosity in late Antiquity. Hans Dieter Betz, one of the leading authorities on the history of religion in late Classical Antiquity, is working on a critical edition and commentary of the text to be published shortly. In the "Hans Lietzmann Lecture" delivered in Berlin and Jena, he uses the example of the "Mithras Liturgy" to elucidate a pagan view of being and religiosity in the late antique period and to compare it with Christian models. Among other things, this shows surprising parallels with contemporary discourses.
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