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7 Noun Phrase Structure in the Languages of Europe

Edited by: Frans Plank
The result of over five years of close collaboration among an international group of leading typologists within the EUROTYP program, this volume is about the morphology and syntax of the noun phrase. Particular attention is being paid to nominal inflectional categories and inflectional systems and to the syntax of determination, modification, and conjunction. Its areal focus, like that of other EUROTYP volumes, is on the languages of Europe; but in order to appreciate what is peculiarly European about their noun phrases, a more comprehensive and genuinely typological view is being taken at the full range of cross-linguistic variation within this structural domain. There has been no shortage lately of contributions to the theory of noun phrase structure; the present volume is, however, unique in the extent to which its theorizing is empirically grounded.

Author Information

Frans Plank is Professor at Konstanz University, Germany.


"On the whole, the volume is an important contribution to the study of noun phrase. It includes a number of articles presenting new and useful typologies for the grammatical properties of NPs. Although most of the papers are concerned with European languages, the generalizations will also be of interest to the general typologist."Holger Diessel in: Studies in Language 1/2006
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