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Band 2 1880-1935
Community and Society

Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft

Edited by: Bettina Clausen (†) and Dieter Haselbach
The publication of Community and Society makes available for the first time a critical edition of this influential principal work by the founder of German sociology. It documents all eight editions from 1887 to 1935. This publication focuses on the last manuscript edition, annotated with extensive explanations and text variants.

Author Information

Bettina Clausen (†) and Dieter Haselbach, Zentrum für Kulturforschung, Berlin, Germany.


"In the “Vorwort” to the eighth edition, Tönnies reflected on the fact that the book was almost 50 years old and he wondered whether it might still have “something to say to the world” (p. 115). In the 85 years since Tönnies wrote that, the book continues to have something to say. And, this fine edition of Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft ensures it will continue to say something for the foreseeable future. We have had to wait a long time for this edition of one of the classics in sociology, but it has certainly been worth the wait."Christopher Adair-Toteff in: Journal of Classical Sociology (31.07.2019), https://doi.org/10.1177/1468795X19867484 Abgerufen am 20.09.2019
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Audience: Scholars and students of sociology, social sciences, history of law