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Lieferung 8 Apologia ad Constantium / Epistula ad Ioannem et Antiochum / Epistula ad Palladium / Epistula ad Dracontium / Epistula ad Afros / Tomus ad Antiochenos / Epistula ad Jovianum / Epistula Joviani ad Athanasium / Petitiones Arianorum

in Werke
Edited by: Hanns Christof Brennecke, Uta Heil and Annette von Stockhausen
In this concluding installment, the following writings of Athanasius of Alexandria are critically edited andhistorical commentary is provided on the basis of all available manuscripts: Apologia ad Constantium, Epistula ad Ioannem et Antiochum, Epistula ad Palladium, Epistula ad Dracontium, Epistula ad Afros, Epistula ad Jovianum, Epistula Joviani ad Athanasium, Petitiones Arianorum, Tomus ad Antiochenos. An extensive introduction as well as an index of references, indexes of names and words to the entire second volume of the Athanasius Werke are provided in this fascicle.
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