Test Cover Image of:  The Origin of the History of Science in Classical Antiquity

The Origin of the History of Science in Classical Antiquity

Translated by: Alexander Chernoglazov
This is the first comprehensive study of what remains of the writings of Aristotle's student Eudemus of Rhodes on the history of the exact sciences. These fragments are crucial to our understanding of the content, form, and goal of the Peripatetic historiography of science. The first part of the book presents an analysis of those trends in Presocratic, Sophistic and Platonic thought that contributed to the development of the history of science. The second part provides a detailed study of Eudemus' writings in their relationship with the scientific literature of his time, Aristotelian philosophy and the other historiographic genres practiced at the Lyceum: biography, medical and natural-philosophical doxography.Although Peripatetic historiography of science failed in establishing itself as a continuous genre, it greatly contributed both to the birth of the Arabic medieval historiography of science and to the development of this genre in Europe in the 16th-18th centuries.

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Leonid Zhmud,Russian Academy of the Sciences in St. Petersburg, Russia.


"On doit savoir gré à L. Z. d'avoir ainsi jeté une vive lumière sur un auteur assez mal connu, et sur l'exécution, au sein du Lycée, d'un projet si ambitieux et d'une telle envergure."Germaine Aujac in: Anabases 10/2009 "The author demonstrates supirior knwledge of the modern literature in many fields."Frans Lisztlan in: Ancient Philosophy 29/2009 "Zhmud's reconstruction is the most comprehensive to date and will undoubtedly become the basis for all furture work on the subject."David E. Hahm in: Isis 1/2009 "In conclusione, si può solo manifestare apprezzamento per il lavoro di Z.; l'abbondante messe di notizie e dati discussi ne fanno un utile strumento per gli studiosi di scienza greca, nei suoi aspetti storico-filosofici come pure strettamente filologici."Vito Lorusso in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 5/2007 "Despite its specialized nature, anyone with a keen interest in the history of science in general will find in this book a most valuable material. A comprehensive bibliography and a useful index conclude the volume."Marco Beretta in: Nuncius 2/2007 "Z. has succeeded in his history of the history of science.Moreover, since it is impossible to do without discussing the science itself.Z's book may also recommended as a source of much up-to-date information on almost all the questions that vexed Greek scientists, including the Presocratics."David Side in: Journal of Hellenic Studies 127/2007
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