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Die Königspsalmen

Studien zur Entstehung und Theologie

This monograph examines the Royal Psalms against the background of recent advances in research into the Psalms and the Psalter, which addresses not only the detailed examination of the individual texts but also the connections between the individual psalms. A detailed textual analysis refutes the thesis that the Royal Psalms were composed exclusively before the time of exile, showing a literary development beyond the time of exile and demonstrating that the Royal Psalms display a coherent theology.


"Saur has written a comprehensive study of the royal psalms, and his work will be valuable for future interpretation."
Marvin E. Tate in: Biblica 2/2006

"Eine anspruchsvolle und weiterführende Monographie zu den Königspsalmen, zu der man ihren Verfasser nur beglückwünschen kann."
Bernd Janowski in: Theologische Literaturzeitung 5/2006

"[...] his dicussion of the history of scholarship [...] is valuable. This volume belongs in the libraries of theological schools."
J. J. M. Roberts in: Catholic Biblical Quarterly 67/2005 

"This is an important monograph which draws together much current German work on the psalms."
J. W. Rogerson in: Book List 5/2005

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Edition: Reprint 2014
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