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Infinite Dimensional Groups and Manifolds

Edited by: Tilmann Wurzbacher
The volume is a collection of refereed research papers on infinite dimensional groups and manifolds in mathematics and quantum physics. Topics covered are: new classes of Lie groups of mappings, the Burgers equation, the Chern--Weil construction in infinite dimensions, the hamiltonian approach to quantum field theory, and different aspects of large N limits ranging from approximation methods in quantum mechanics to modular forms and string/gauge theory duality. Directed at research mathematicians and theoretical physicists as well as graduate students, the volume gives an overview of important themes of research at the forefront of mathematics and theoretical physics.

Author Information

Tilmann Wurzbacher is Professor at theMathematics Department of the University of Metz, France.
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Audience: Research Mathematicians, Theoretical Physicists, Graduate Students; Academic Libraries