Test Cover Image of:  Das Onomastikon der biblischen Ortsnamen

Das Onomastikon der biblischen Ortsnamen

Edition der syrischen Fassung mit griechischem Text, englischer und deutscher Übersetzung

Edited by: Stefan Timm
[Index of Biblical Place Names] Eusebius of Caesarea’s gazetteer of biblical place-names is the basic handbook for the historical geography of the Holy Land on both banks of the Jordan. In its Latin version, it had a strong influence on the Occidental world. The Syriac version had a similar influence on the Orient and is presented here for the first time in an interlinear form: Greek and Syriac, together with a German and an English translation. It does not include the extensions of the Latin version, and is thus of considerable significance for the textual history of the Greek version.
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