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Narratology beyond Literary Criticism

Mediality, Disciplinarity

Series: Narratologia, 6
Edited by: Jan Christoph Meister
In collaboration with: Tom Kindt and Wilhelm Schernus
This anthology presents the results of the Second International Colloquium of the Narratology Research Group (Hamburg University). It engages in the exploration of approaches that broaden Narratology's realm. The contributions illustrate the transcendence of traditional models common to Narratology. They also reflect on the relevance of such a 'going beyond' as seen in more general terms: What interrelation can be observed between re-definition of object domain and re-definition of method? What potential interfaces with other methods and disciplines does the proposed innovation offer? Finally, what are the repercussions of the proposed innovation in terms of Narratology's self-definition? The innovative volume facilitates the inter-methodological debate between Narratology and other disciplines, enabling the conceptualization of a Narratology beyond traditional Literary Criticism.

Author Information

Jan Christoph Meister is an academic researcher in the Narratology Research Group at Hamburg University, Germany.
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Audience: Scholars (Literary Studies, Cultural Studies), Institutes, Libraries