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limited language: rewriting design

responding to a feedback culture

From blog to book and back again

Limited Language is a web-platform, co-founded in 2005 by Colin Davies (University of Wolverhampton) and Monika Parrinder (Royal College of Art, London), for generating writing and discussion about the design process. Over the last four years the site has collected a series of essays and commentary dealing with the key issues which effect and shape visual communication today. limited language: rewriting design, examines the relationship between traditional printed formats (the book) and new digital ones (blogging). Hybrid media forms are already transforming design. How might they be used to rethink design writing? limited language: rewriting design creates an alternative and innovative "writing space" – the reflection and distance which can be offered only by a book. Each of its sub-sections comprises an article from the website, followed by a reflection/response to the topic by the responses raised on limitedlanguage.org, while rich visual imagery in colour illustrates each article/response.

"This is a rare book about design that embraces ideas with as much enthusiasm as objects. It illustrates its premise by showing feedback culture in action. If you find yourself wanting to join in the dialogue with thoughts of your own – and you will – their website is ready and waiting." –Rick Poynor


  • Creates a unique and highly valuable bridge between analog and digital discussion cultures in design
  • A prominent and high-traffic website for the discussion of design, condensed into book form

Author Information

Colin Davies, University of Wolverhampton, UK; Monika Parrinder, Royal College of Art, London.

Audience: Professional/practitioner