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Gestaltung denken

Grundlagentexte zu Design und Architektur

Edited by: Klaus Thomas Edelmann and Gerrit Terstiege
Gestaltung Denken brings together 40 essential texts on architecture and design theory. The first part contains texts by practitioners, i.e. architects and designers. The second features texts by theoreticians: cultural studies experts, philosophers, sociologists, historians of architecture and design. Each text represents a milestone in the history of/reflections on design and highlights design developments from early modernism to current debates. Each primary text is introduced and provided with commentary by a well-regarded specialist, who provides insights into the text’s author, genesis, and publishing context.Many of the selected texts are difficult to locate and/or are long out of print. This reader makes these texts – each crucial to theoretical discussion on architecture and design – accessible once again. This publication is ideal for teaching the history and development of the design disciplines at academies of architecture and design, but also offers practicing architects and designers a basis for reflecting on their own work against the background of historic debates.
40 Grundlagentexte zu Design und Architektur Jeder Originalbeitrag kommentiert von einem namhaften Fachautor Ein weiterer Band in der Reihe BIRD: Board of International Research in Design
Audience: Architekten, Designer, Studierende, Dozenten