Test Cover Image of:  Grammatik und Sprachwirklichkeit von 1640-1700

Grammatik und Sprachwirklichkeit von 1640-1700
Grammar and Language Reality, 1640-1700. On the role of German grammarians in the standardization of written language

Zur Rolle deutscher Grammatiker im schriftsprachlichen Ausgleichsprozeß

Evaluations of the significance of 17th century German grammarians for the standardization process in written language usage tend to take the form of sweeping statements lacking any concrete empirical substantiation. With reference to usage changes identifiable in publications that went through a number of editions (including Luther's Bible translation), the author demonstrates that the language norms advocated by scholarly theorists were largely congruent with practical usage and in addition that the grammarians exerted a noticeable influence both on local and supraregional usage.
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Edition: Reprint 2011