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Fictionality in Global Contexts

Edited by: Anders Cullhed and Lena Rydholm
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People of all times and in all cultures have produced and consumed fiction in a variety of forms, not only for entertainment, but also to spread knowledge, religious or political beliefs. Furthermore, fiction has taken part in reflecting and shaping the cultural identity of communities as well as the identity of individuals. This volume aims to explore the concept and the use of fiction from different epochs, in different cultures and in different forms, both ancient and more recent. It covers a broad field of interests, from ancient literature, art, philosophy and theater to Bollywood productions, television series and modern electronic media. Twenty-three scholars from ten countries and from different areasand fields of interests in the Humanities assembled in Stockholm on a conference in August 2012 to exchange views on "Fiction in Global Contexts". This volume presents the results of their discussions. It contains fresh perspectives on issues and topics such as: the nature of fiction fiction and its relationship to "truth" the demand for and the function and uses of fiction the development of fiction from ancient to modern times different forms of fiction fiction in social contexts or in a gender perspective

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Anders Cullhed, Stockholm University,Sweden; Lena Rydholm, Uppsala University, Sweden.
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Audience: Scholars of Literary and Cultural Studies