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Beyond 'Any' and 'Ever'

New Explorations in Negative Polarity Sensitivity

Edited by: Eva Csipak, Regine Eckardt, Mingya Liu, and Manfred Sailer
The grammar of negative polarity items is one of the challengesfor linguistic theory. NPIs cross-cut all traditional categories in grammar and semantics, yet their distribution is by no means arbitrary. Theories of NPI licensing have been proposed in terms of syntax, semantics, and pragmatics - each with its own merits and problems. The volume comprises state-of-the-art studies and suggests an interpolation approach to NPI licensing.

Author Information

Eva Csipak, University of Göttingen, Germany; Regine Eckardt, University of Göttingen, Germany; Mingya Liu, University of Beijing, China; Manfred Sailer, University Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

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