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Der Tag von Potsdam
The Day of Potsdam

Der 21. März 1933 und die Errichtung der nationalsozialistischen Diktatur

Edited by: Christoph Kopke and Werner Treß
On 21 March 1933, the National Socialists celebrated their alliance with the old Wilhelmine elites on the “Day of Potsdam.” Eighty years following 1933, the great year of upheaval, this volume more closely reexamines the historical context of the “Day of Potsdam” as a critical moment on the road to dictatorship. Nine scholarly articles reconstruct the events on the “Day of Potsdam” and analyze its importance in the culture of commemoration.
Mit Beiträgen von Thomas Wernicke, Martin Sabrow, Thomas Brechenmacher, Jens Flemming, Reinhard Mehring, Ludwig Elm, Ekkehard Klausa, Hermann Kaienburg, Kurt Schilde

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Audience: Historians of National Socialism and the history of the city of Potsdam; interested members of the general public as part of the 80th anniversary