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Functional Materials

For Energy, Sustainable Development and Biomedical Sciences

Edited by: Mario Leclerc and Robert Gauvin
With contributions of: Nicolas Allard, Ahmad Al Shboul, Michèle Auger, Ann-Marie Beaulieu, Daniel Bélanger, Pierre Bénard, Ibrahim Bilem, Michael Byad, Frederic Byette, Richard Chahine, Jérôme Claverie, Maxime Cloutier, Catia de Bonis, Alessandra D' Epifanio, Bernard Drouin, David Durette, Justyna Florek, Marc-André Fortin, Jesse Greener, Remy Guillet-Nicolas, Corinne A. Hoesli, Alireza Kaboorani, Freddy Kleitz, Veronic Landry, Gaétan Laroche, Thierry Lefevre, Marie Leroy, Lucie Levesque, Silvia Licoccia, Caroline Loy, Diego Mantovani, Isabelle Marcotte, Barbara Mecheri, Vanessa Montano-Machado, Jean-Francois Morin, William Nguegang Nkeuwa, Carlo Paternoster, Florian Pierre, Bouddah Poaty, Bernard Riedl, Anna Ritcey, Dominic Rochefort, Simon Rondeau-Gagne, Gad Sabbatier, Steen B. Schougaard, Dawit G. Seifu, Armand Soldera, Caroline Sow, Ana Tavares, Ranna Tolouei, Vahe Vardanyan and Mirela Vlad
Foreword by: Gerhard Wegner

"Functional Materials textbook is not simply a review of the vast body of literature of the recent years, as it holds the focus upon various aspects of application. Moreover, it selects only a few topics in favor of a solid and thorough treatment of the relevant aspects. This book comes in a good time, when a large body of academic literature has been accumulated and is waiting for a critical inspection in the light of the real demands of application." Professor Gerhard Wegner, Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany
The chapters cover three important fields in the development of functional materials: energy, environment, and biomedical applications. These topics are explained and discussed from both an experimental and a theoretical perspective. Functional organic and inorganic materials are at the center of most technological breakthroughs. Therefore, the understanding of material properties is fundamental to the development of novel functionalities and applications.

  • Aunique and timely overview for graduate students with backgrounds in chemistry, physics and engineering, and scientists keen to broaden their knowledge in both the fundamentals and applications of functional materials

Author Information

Mario Leclerc,U.Laval,Quebec, Robert Gauvin, Quebec Center for Functional Materials, Canada.

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Audience: Materials Scientists, Chemists, Physicists, Chemical Engineers, Students