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Handbook of Intermediality

Literature – Image – Sound – Music

Edited by: Gabriele Rippl

This handbook offers students and researchers compact orientation in their study of intermedial phenomena in Anglophone literary texts and cultures by introducing them to current academic debates, theoretical concepts and methodologies. By combining theory with text analysis and contextual anchoring, it introduces students and scholars alike to a vast field of research which encompasses concepts such as intermediality, multi- and plurimediality, intermedial reference, transmediality, ekphrasis, as well as related concepts such as visual culture, remediation, adaptation, and multimodality, which are all discussed in connection with literary examples. Hence each of the 30 contributions spans both a theoretical approach and concrete analysis of literary texts from different centuries and different Anglophone cultures.

Author Information

Gabriele Rippl, University of Berne, Switzerland.


"The book under review is the first volume in one of several handbook series that Walter De Gruyter is currently producing for the academic library market. It will therefore in all probability remain a staple source of information for students and researchers for years to come, especially in the Anglo-Saxon sphere, where adaptation has so far been the more prevalent critical paradigm for investigating the relations between texts from different media. [...] As befits a handbook, the volume's scope is impressively broad, covering an extended range of phenomena and concepts."
Lucia Krämer in: Anglistik: International Journal of English Studies 28.2 (September 2017), pp. 185-186

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Audience: Academics (Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies), Students (BA, MA and PhD level), Libraries, Institutes.