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Martin Luther in Rom
Luther in Rome: A Cosmopolitan Centre and its Perception

Die Ewige Stadt als kosmopolitisches Zentrum und ihre Wahrnehmung

Edited by: Michael Matheus, Arnold Nesselrath and Martin Wallraff

About 500 years ago, Martin Luther visited Rome. Reflections about his journey often inquire as to its having been a critical factor for the Reformation, a prejudicial perspective often leading to a negative view of the trip and the city. The volume seeks to free up the theme from this paradigm, and to impart a differentiated picture of the city of Rome, Luther’s Roman journey, and the recollected images associated with it.

Author Information

Michael Matheus, JGU Mainz; Arnold Nesselrath, HU Berlin; Martin Wallraff, LMU Munich, Germany


"Die folgenden Jahre werden die Nachhaltigkeit der Beiträge in hoffentlich zahlreichen, weiteren Forschungen beweisen."
Markus Wriedt in: Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte 46/47 (2017/2018), 8-9

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