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Emotion und Kognition
Emotion and Cognition: Transformations in 18th Century European Literature

Transformationen in der europäischen Literatur des 18. Jahrhunderts

Edited by: Sonja Koroliov
How is emotion related to knowledge and understanding? How do emotions influence our engagement with knowledge and our orientation to the world? The articles assembled in this volume examine the 18th century as a time of discovery, when original answers to these questions were developed that continue to be innovative to this day. The articles consider various topics, including the impact of emotions on perception, the importance of narrativity in engaging with one's own emotionality and that of others, and how emotions relate to self-mastery and self-therapy while also facilitating the potential for external control and manipulation.

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Sonja Koroliov, University of Innsbruck, Austria.

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Audience: Scholars of Literary and Cultural Studies, Cognition Science