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Tintenfass und Teleskop
The Inkwell and the Telescope: Galileo Galilei at the Crossroads of Scientific, Literary, and Visual Cultures in the 17th Century

Galileo Galilei im Schnittpunkt wissenschaftlicher, literarischer und visueller Kulturen im 17. Jahrhundert

Edited by: Andrea Albrecht, Giovanna Cordibella,  and Volker R. Remmert
This volume explores the image of Galileo Galilei’s as a scientist of the early modern age along with cultural perceptions of his discoveries and writings. It examines the interconnections between scientific theories and practices and their textual and visual representations.

Author Information

Andrea Albrecht, Univ. Stuttgart; Giovanna Cordibella, Univ. Bern, Switzerland; Volker Remmert, Univ. Wuppertal.


"Tintenfass und Teleskope is a valuable book not only because of its new insights (the reception of Galileo’s discoveries in Northern Europe, for example, is often overlooked by historians) but also because it successfully brings together different historians’ approaches and competencies under the sign of interdisciplinarity, a more than welcome achievement for history of science [...]."Francesco Barreca in: Journal for the History of Astronomy 2016, Vol. 47(4) 424 –451
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Audience: Kultur- und Wissenschaftshistoriker