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Der Fall Beltracchi und die Folgen
The Beltracchi Case and its Aftermath: Interdisciplinary Research on Art Forgery Today

Interdisziplinäre Fälschungsforschung heute

Edited by: Henry Keazor and Tina Öcal
After his 2011 trial, an interdisciplinary study investigated Wolfgang Beltracchi’s many forgeries and their impact. This volume brings together a broad range of opinion from experts in art history, the law, criminal behavior, art technology, the art market, social psychology, and perception theory, making it of interest to a broad readership as well as students of art and the art marketplace alike.

Author Information

Henry Keazor and Tina Öcal, Heidelberg University

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Audience: Art historians, attorneys, natural scientists, sociologists, art restorers, art dealers, journalists, art collectors