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Handbook of Japanese Contrastive Linguistics

Edited by: Prashant Pardeshi and Taro Kageyama
The Handbook of Japanese Contrastive Linguistics is a unique publication that brings together insights from three traditions—Japanese linguistics, linguistic typology and contrastive linguistics—and makes important contributions to deepening our understanding of various phenomena in Japanese as well other languages of the globe. Its primary goal is to uncover principled similarities and differences between Japanese and other languages of the globe and thereby shed new light on the universal as well as language-particular properties of Japanese. The issues addressed by the papers in this volume cover a wide spectrum of phenomena ranging from lexical to syntactic and discourse levels. The authors of the chapters, leading scholars in their respective field of research, present the state-of-the-art research from their respected field.

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Prashant Pardeshi, Taro Kageyama, NINJAL, Japan.
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Audience: Theoretical and Descriptive Linguists; Topologists, Japanes Language Educators; Japanese Language Students.