Test Cover Image of:  GAM 09 Walls: Spatial Sequences

GAM 09 Walls: Spatial Sequences

Architektonische Innovationen und neue Perspektiven auf Raum und Wand / Architectural innovations and new perspectives on space and wall

Edited by: Technische Universität Graz, Fakultät für Architektur
GAM.09 is dedicated to the stratification of walls in architecture. The interest lies in the ways in which walls may be newly conceptualized. Very recent times have seen a multitude of designs, experiments, and developments that have expanded the conventional function of walls. One could propose that the traditional separation of external form and inner function be complemented by another perspective, one that articulates the wall function of lending support, securing, and retaining, together with qualities of an associative exchange between inside and outside. GAM introduces architectural designs that combine the invention of new techniques with the testing of their implementation. Walls and their functionality as an innovative field of design and analysis.