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Boundaries and Bridges

Language Contact in Multilingual Ecologies

Edited by: Kofi Yakpo and Pieter C. Muysken

Multidirectional language contact involving more than two languages is little described. However, it probably represents the most common type of contact in the world, where colonization, rapid socioeconomic and demographic change, and society-wide multilingualism have led to dramatic linguistic change. This book presents fascinating cases of multidirectional contact and convergence between highly diverse languages in an emerging linguistic area in Suriname and the Guianas and proposes a framework for comparable studies.

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Kofi Yakpo, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong; Pieter Muysken, Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

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Audience: Scholars interested in Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Caribbean Studies, and Anthropology.