Test Cover Image of:  Orientalism, Gender, and the Jews

Orientalism, Gender, and the Jews

Literary and Artistic Transformations of European National Discourses

Edited by: Ulrike Brunotte, Anna-Dorothea Ludewig, and Axel Stähler
Originating in the collaboration of the international Research Network “Gender in Antisemitism, Orientalism and Occidentalism” (RENGOO), this collection of essays proposes to intervene in current debates about historical constructions of Jewish identity in relation to colonialism and Orientalism. The network‌’s collaborative research addresses imaginative and aesthetic rather than sociological questions with particular focus on the function of gender and sexuality in literary, scholarly and artistic transformations of Orientalist images. RENGOO’s first publication explores the ways in which stereotypes of the external and internal Other intertwine. With its interrogation of the roles assumed in this interplay by gender, processes of sexualization, and aesthetic formations, the volume suggests new directions to the interdisciplinary study of gender, antisemitism, and Orientalism.
Contributions by Ulrike Brunotte, Anna-Dorothea Ludewig, Axel Stähler, Achim Rohde, Hannah Lotte Lund, Kathrin Wittler, Hildegard Frübis, Jay Geller, Daniel Wildmann, Laurel Plapp, Yaron Peleg, Christina von Braun, Tatjana Petzer, Sarah Dornhof

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Ulrike Brunotte, University of Maastricht; Anna-Dorothea Ludewig, Moses Mendelssohn Zentrum; Axel Stähler, University of Kent, UK.
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Audience: Academics in the fields of Gender Studies, Jewish Studies, and History of Antisemitism.