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Music in Antiquity

The Near East and the Mediterranean

Edited by: Joan Goodnick Westenholz, Yossi Maurey, and Edwin Seroussi
Co-publication with Magnes Press
Music was one component of the cultural continuum that developed in the contiguous civilizations of the ancient Near East and of Greece and Rome. This book covers the range and gamut of this symbiosis, as well as scrutinizes archeological findings, texts, and iconographical materials in specific geographical areas along this continuum. The book, volume VIII of Yuval – Studies of the Jewish Music Research Centre at the Hebrew University, provides an updated scholarly assessment of the rich soundscapes of ancient civilizations.

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Joan Goodnick Westenholz †, Bible Lands Museum,Jerusalem; Yossi Maurey and Edwin Seroussi,Hebrew University, Jerusalem


"Pour conclure, il faut rendre à cet ouvrage le mérite d'avoir rassemblé des contributions riches et bien documentées. Certes, certains partis-pris de méthode et certaines conclusions peuvent être contestés, mais il y a là de bonnes idées à développer pour l'avenir des études sur les musiques de la Méditerranée orientale antique."Sylvain Perrot in: BMCR 2015.03.18

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Audience: Academics in the fields of ancient Jewish history, Jewish culture and music.