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The Rocket into Planetary Space

For all being interested in astronautics, this translation of Hermann Oberth’s classic work is a truly historic event. Readers will be impressed with this extraordinary pioneer and his incredible achievement. In a relatively short work of 1923, Hermann Oberth laid down the mathematical laws governing rocketry and spaceflight, and he offered practical design considerations based on those laws.
- For the first time this historic work appears in English - The book allows the reader to go back to the beginning, appreciate the problems associated with space travel and understand the never ending quest for space exploration

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Hermann Oberth (1894 –1989) is being considered one of the founding fathers of rocketry and astronautics.


"This book is still of interest today in the same manner that we still have an interest in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Darwin’s Origin of Species by Natural Selection – it places us at a critical moment in the development of a revolutionary concept that is firmly established today. Reading this book is a humbling experience that places into perspective the extraordinary progress that we have made in our exploration of space." Michael CianconeChair, History Committee, American Astronautical Society "One could say with very little exaggeration that we, Oberth's successors, have spent the better part of a century bringing to fruition some of the things imagined by this unique mind. Everyone in astronautics today owes it to himself or herself to become familiar with this pioneering work. Now, with this translation, they can." Mike GriffinPresident, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Audience: For all interested in rocketry and spaceflight