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Der Liebesbrief
The Love Letter

Schriftkultur und Medienwechsel vom 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart

Edited by: Renate Stauf, Annette Simonis, and Jörg Paulus
If somebody in the 18th century had wanted to send a love letter using SMS text, they would have been doomed to fail ‑ neither the technology nor the recipient would have been able to handle such a flood of emotional signs. Why is that? The present volume collects contributions from a variety of disciplines dealing with hitherto neglected questions of a cultural history of the love letter. The results are surprising ‑ the love letter has its own rules, and is far more independent from the development of other forms of written culture than was previously assumed.


"Ein überzeugender Anfang wissenschaftlicher Aufarbeitung ist mit dem vorliegenden Werk getan."Ulrike Leuschner in: Arbitrium 3/2009 "sehr lesenswerter Band zur Kulturgeschichte des Liebesbriefs"Jürgen Kaube in: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 27.05.2009
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