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Hadewijch: Lieder
Hadewijch: Songs

Originaltext, Kommentar, Übersetzung und Melodien

Edited by: Veerle Fraeters and Frank Willaert
Translated by: Rita Schlusemann
In collaboration with: Louis Peter Grijp
The Beguine poet Hadewijch is an outstanding figure in the history of 13th century Dutch literature. Her oeuvre consists of letters, visions, and songs that share the theme of a mystical love of God. This complete edition of the songs presents for the first time the Middle Dutch texts with a New High German translation. These are accompanied by reconstructions of the melodies by the late musicologist Louis Peter Grijp and a detailed textual commentary.

Author Information

V. Fraeters and F. Willaert, Antwerpen, Belgium; L. P. Grijp (†), Amsterdam, Netherlands and R. Schlusemann, FU Berlin, Germany.


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Audience: Literary scholars, mediaevalists, musicologists