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[Band 1] Grammatik des Deutschen im europäischen Vergleich
The Grammar of German from a Contrastive European Perspective: The Nominal

Das Nominal

In collaboration with: Christine Günther and Ursula Hoberg

This functionally oriented contrastive grammar is devoted to nominal word classes (such as nouns, adjectives, and pronouns), their classification (such as gender, case, and number), nominal inflectional morphology, and nominal syntagms, especially the syntax of the nominal phrase. The descriptive focus is on German, and the principal contrastive languages are English, French, Polish, and Hungarian.

  • A comparative grammatical description of German
  • Contrasting European languages: English, French, Polish, Hungarian
  • A detailed linguistic comparison at both the morphological and syntactic levels
  • Is grounded in functional and typological theory

Author Information

Lutz Gunkel, Adriano Murelli, Susan Schlotthauer, Bernd Wiese and Gisela Zifonun, Institute for the German Language, Mannheim, Germany.


"Das Werk ist insgesamt eine Pionierleistung, deren Nutzwert für kontrastive Forschung, Lehre und Grammatikographie der verglichenen und weiterer Sprachen auf Jahre hinaus unbestreitbar sein dürfte." John Ole Askedal in: Zeitschrift für Dialektologie und Linguistik, 2019, H. 3, 348–353
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Edition: 2 vols., 1,600 pp. total
Audience: Linguists, Students, Teachers, Lecturers, Libraries