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Responsible Care

A Case Study

Edited by: Peter Topalovic and Gail Krantzberg
Foreword by: Bernard West
Together with: IUPAC

Responsible Care – A Case Study is the first book of its kind to provide insight into the development and evolution of Responsible Care and its influence of societal outcomes on the basis of case studies. It provides readers in industry, government, and academia with the principles and innovative thinking associated with the Responsible Care ethic as a means to promote and implement such advanced concepts in their own institution. The book is not only a teaching aid for university curriculum, it also serves as a practical tool to industrial management and staff to improve industrial policies. The last chapter illustrates a practical example of a workshop held at McMaster University, Canada, which can be used as a model for readers to use this book as an educational tool.

  • Concept, initiation, and development of Responsible Care into a pragmatic code of practice.
  • Practical workshop example to learn about and implement the Responsible Care.
  • Published in Cooperation with the IUPAC.

Author Information

Peter Topalovic,McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada; Gail Krantzberg, McMaster University, Hamilton Canada

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Audience: Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Scientists working in chemical industry.